Unusual counter… Actually, we have no idea what it is, do you?

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This abnormally tall work table is really interesting because…

See the shelves? They have a cut out as though there was supposed to be something like a bolt of fabric sitting on them. We think it would be great in a kitchen. Good for chopping on. $450. SOLD

Can anyone relate to this? Non-fiction accounts of men who had contact with extra terrestrials.

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This collectible 1957 first edition of They Rode In Spaceships is a gem, if only for it’s illustrations:

Super cool gift for the believer in your life. $25

This guy has been loved.

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This stuffed vinyl elephant is 8″ high and just an excellent green color. No, you may not want to hand it to your 2-year old because he’s gotten a little bit too delicate for such hands (and mouths), though a 12-year could definitely handle him. But this is really a grown-up toy. He belongs on display, but not on too high a shelf because he’s quite nice to hold. We could even see him on a coffee table instead of the ever-popular vase of flowers (but flowers are wonderful too). We love things like this elephant because he’s big enough to be an unusually perfect way to add the splash of color you need to balance a room. $50 No longer for sale, because he’s now the store mascot.

You might want to take out every page and frame them…

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…but you probably shouldn’t because they go together so beautifully and the cover is phenomenal. This copy of Willie Mouse by Alta Taylor, illustrated by Ernest Aris is from approximately 1915. It has some scribbles and writing in it and the wear of a well-loved children’s book- Certainly more charming for the character and sense of history they provide.

The colors are so vibrant. Really stunning. $50 SOLD

Perfect box – Makes all random stuff seem special.

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This inlaid box looks very handmade with really beautiful and intricate details.

But when you open it, it has this terrific indigo felt inside with a little white fabric border that are hand stitched together. Slightly imperfect in the best kind of way. We don’t know what it was made for. Game pieces perhaps? Marbles? It seems a little small for dominoes but we could be wrong. You should really just put whatever you want in here, don’t let us tell you what belongs in it. It’s such a unique case that even pocket change may become more valuable once placed in it. $40

Don’t be fooled!

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This pair of chairs might not get noticed right off because of their quiet, understated appearance. We actually walked right passed them a couple of times! But with closer inspection you can see they are completely hand hewn and have hand forged, square headed, copper nails, and the wood seems to be chestnut, which is very rare! Someone took great care in making these chairs, and they probably reflect the quiet, understated personality of their maker. They’re impressive and deserve a good look. Don’t let their quiet demeanor fool you…

This Scandinavian Walnut Dining Set is big and beautiful.

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A walnut table with two armchairs and four side chairs, two leaves that extend the table to 9 ft. and table pads that go under a tablecloth to protect it from heat. Based on our research, we believe it is Scandinavian. The extra leaves are very interesting because they are contained on a shelf on the underside of the table, so they don’t take up space in your closet, getting scratched up.  Also on the underside are two beautiful brass mechanisms that unlock the center of the table when you want to expand it.

Walnut table and 6 chairs (believed to be Scandinavian)

This table will make you look like a pro when hosting large parties. So much better than lining up a few small tables, differently shaped at different heights… We think you know what we mean! 6 ft. by 3.5 ft. with (2) 1.5 ft. leaves. $3,800 for the set of 6 chairs and the table with pads. SOLD


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These 1960’s Vera napkins are in pristine condition with amazing silkscreened floral graphics, and that black and white will really make any color schemed table setting pop, but they could also be used as art and it would not be the first time Vera’s textile designs were given such a treatment. $60 for the set of 10. SOLD

Beautiful illustrations of African Americans from 1902.

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Yes, we are judging this by it’s cover because it’s a really cool one. It makes us want to look inside where it gets even better. The book is Napoleon Jackson by Ruth McEnery Stuart, 1902, and yes, we love illustrations, covers, interiors and typography as much as the words on the page. Very rare to find a book with African American subjects like this one from that era.

Isn’t this nice? There are several more like it inside. $10

A very elegant pair of French art deco mahogany side chairs.

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French Art Deco Side Chair

French Art Deco Side Chair

These would be perfect to mix with some more modern pieces. The shape is so elegant and timeless. They’re circa 1920, D.I.M. (Decoration Interieur Moderne) Rene Joubert et Philippe Petit, Paris (1919-1931), with padded horseshoe shaped backs and seats and reeded, tapered legs. The fabric appears to be original as the stuffing is the original horsehair and the detailing is exquisitely hand-done. Surprisingly sturdy and great to sit on. $300 each, or $500 for the pair. SOLD