Sometimes You Just Gotta Have It

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Vintage radiator water can or gas can $85

Do you recognize this? It’s a “Creeper”!

I think it’s pretty rare. Used for gliding under cars. Put your tools in the side boxes and get to work. Or catch a nap while it looks like you’re working. (That’s probably why they’re rare. Who would want to give one up?) $225

The racetrack is that-a-way $50 SOLD

Say it ten times, fast…rubber baby buggy wheels. One more and we can build a go-cart. $25 each or 3 for $60

Maybe for 8 track tapes?

Elvis, the King…priceless

Beautiful illustrations of African Americans from 1902.

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Yes, we are judging this by it’s cover because it’s a really cool one. It makes us want to look inside where it gets even better. The book is Napoleon Jackson by Ruth McEnery Stuart, 1902, and yes, we love illustrations, covers, interiors and typography as much as the words on the page. Very rare to find a book with African American subjects like this one from that era.

Isn’t this nice? There are several more like it inside. $10

A very elegant pair of French art deco mahogany side chairs.

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French Art Deco Side Chair

French Art Deco Side Chair

These would be perfect to mix with some more modern pieces. The shape is so elegant and timeless. They’re circa 1920, D.I.M. (Decoration Interieur Moderne) Rene Joubert et Philippe Petit, Paris (1919-1931), with padded horseshoe shaped backs and seats and reeded, tapered legs. The fabric appears to be original as the stuffing is the original horsehair and the detailing is exquisitely hand-done. Surprisingly sturdy and great to sit on. $300 each, or $500 for the pair. SOLD