Decorate Your Summer Camp

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Why rough it when you can have a folding camp sink? $220

Antique Adirondack splintwood fishing basket backpack (that’s not easy to say). You’ll still look cool even if you don’t catch any fish. $150 SOLD

Great resource for identifying all those beautiful wildflowers you find in the meadow. You may even consider framing some of these plates. With 400 of them who would notice one or two missing? $45 SOLD

Can you imagine…not only did they grow all of their own vegetables, but they hand carved these little birds to use for labeling them, too. Amazing, it’s only $7!

I don’t know anyone who has pictures of falcons. Do you? $20 each (One SOLD)

First hang them on the wall for decoration, but you’ll know that if you’re ever trapped by a bad snowstorm you can always run for help. Or send someone else…Snowshoes $175

If you do send someone else out for help, you can always sit in front of the fire and watch the clock in anticipation of their return. Fireplace clock (fire really burns) $60 SOLD

Antique Mission oak rocker with original leather seat $350, and vintage woolen blanket $25

Be a boy scout SOLD

or a trick rider! SOLD

Keep yourself busy. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. $60

Sometimes even when the mind isn’t idle…(both SOLD!)

Ah! Let’s play craps…

…and do shots! SOLD

Multi-colored shot glasses SOLD

Mah Jong, anyone?

Time to put the kettle on. $20 SOLD

Vintage mugs $10 each (One SOLD)

Enamel pie tins $10 and $11 SOLD

Adirondack twig table $65 SOLD and candle lantern $15 SOLD. Set of 4 Hyllinge Mobler folding chairs, made in Denmark

Every camp has a bear $4 SOLD

and a frog $20 SOLD

Finally, shave that beard before heading back to civilization. SOLD

Sometimes You Just Gotta Have It

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Vintage radiator water can or gas can $85

Do you recognize this? It’s a “Creeper”!

I think it’s pretty rare. Used for gliding under cars. Put your tools in the side boxes and get to work. Or catch a nap while it looks like you’re working. (That’s probably why they’re rare. Who would want to give one up?) $225

The racetrack is that-a-way $50 SOLD

Say it ten times, fast…rubber baby buggy wheels. One more and we can build a go-cart. $25 each or 3 for $60

Maybe for 8 track tapes?

Elvis, the King…priceless


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Elegant vintage Rosenthal lidded casserole $53 SOLD

Vintage Ben Seibel Old Orchard saucepan with lid.

The hollow handle reduces heat transfer $45

Wow! Accordions!!

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Vintage Crucianelli accordion in excellent condition. Made in Italy

Accordions and their cases. Horns, too. (Horns are SOLD)

Antique wooden Hohner accordion. Made in Germany SOLD

Look at the inlay, and it has the original leather straps.

The Crucianelli is acoustic and electric. Both were professionally tested and they sound great!

(The Crucianelli is SOLD. The Hohner is still available.)


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These 1960’s Vera napkins are in pristine condition with amazing silkscreened floral graphics, and that black and white will really make any color schemed table setting pop, but they could also be used as art and it would not be the first time Vera’s textile designs were given such a treatment. $60 for the set of 10. SOLD